Additional Online Exhibits

Group of Black Florida Home Extension Agents

African American Agricultural Extension Agents in Florida

Celebrating the contributions historically made by African American extension agents throughout Florida.

Panamanian students confront Americans in Panama Canal Zone 1964

An American Canal in Panama

The Panama Canal and its surroundings were historically the source of tension between the United States and Panama. This exhibit looks at the sources of tension and examines events that led to the transfer of the Canal in 1999.

illustrated portrait of Black graduates

Black Educators: Florida’s Secret Social Justice Advocates 1920-1960

Black Educators: Florida’s Secret Social Justice Advocates celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Desegregation at the University of Florida by showcasing the role of Black educators in the 40 years before the Civil Rights Movement.

man and woman  on top of construction beams of the Panama Canal. The woman sits wearing a long skirt and white long sleeve blouse. She wears a wide brim hat. The man stands to her left wearing a dark suit and hat. He holds a closed umbrella. Handwriting on the photo reads Gatun Locks 1910.

Documenting Presence

Photographers have documented thousands of visitors and laborers in the Panama Canal. Their vantage point usually captures the subject and the impressive size and vast landscape of the Canal. Yet these early portraits are a lasting image of an incredible feat.

Watercolor costume sketch of Opera Patron by John David Ridge

John David Ridge: A Life in Costume

John David Ridge (1945 -) has worked as a costume designer, costume maker, and costume supervisor on stage, film, and television. The exhibition takes a look at highlights from his career including work with The Joffrey Ballet, Halston, and Julie Andrews, as well as costume design for the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007).

Group of US Army men study a map at Tocumen Airport Panama

Operation Just Cause

In 1989, the United States invaded Panama in an effort to oust and capture General Manuel Noriega. This series of photographs captures the planning and post-operation effects of Operation Just Cause.

A large crowd wearing white sitting on the Plaza of the America during a Vietnam War protest in 1972

The Plaza of the Americas a place for…

How many events have taken place on the Plaza of the Americas that have shaped our community? Some have been largely attended and publicized, while others quietly affect our lives. Look back at some of the moments when University of Florida students have used the Plaza as a place to speak out and facilitate social change at UF and beyond.

Woman shops for canned good at Gatun Comissary with baby in shopping cart

Served in the Zone

An exhibition of food and community identity during the American Era of the Panama Canal Zone. Served in the Zone features photographs, artifacts, and ephemera paired with memories from former Canal Zone residents to illustrate their impact.

Martin Harris with camera

Photo Reporter: The Martin Harris Collection

From the 1930s – 1960s, Martin Harris recorded Depression-era labor unrest for PM New York, the horrors of World War II for Stars and Stripes and celebrities for Collier's Magazine, Life Magazine, and The Saturday Evening Post.

book illustration of white child and Black child sitting next to each other outside

Racism, Representation, and Resistance in Children’s Literature 1800 – 2015

Racism, Representation, and Resistance explores the long history of racism in children’s literature by examining the dehumanization and colonization of people of color, primarily Africans and African Americans. It also explores how self-representational children’s books by African American authors resisted and subverted racist ideologies.

Soldiers Operating an Anti-Aircraft Gun at the Panama Canal

Are We Next? Fear and Social Roles in WWII

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, war saturated everyday life in the Panama Canal Zone. Many were surprised that Pearl Harbor was attacked before the Canal, yet it made potential threats even more a reality. Fear shaped expectations of what it meant to be a patriot; be it a soldier, a civilian, a person of color, or a gendered ideal.

A Canal Zone Boy Scout Troop standing and posing for the camera

Camping in the Jungle: Scouting Stories from the Panama Canal Zone

An exhibition that explores the role of scouting in the lives of Panama Canal Zone residents as told in their own words.

An airplane icon

The Cuban American Dream: A Timeline

A timeline of events that explore the reasons behind the immigration of Cubans to Florida from the 16th to the 21st century, the pressure that such immigration brought to local and state governments, the reactions of Floridian communities to Cuban immigrants, the ways in which Cuban immigrants adapted to their new reality, and the contribution of Cuban immigration to Florida.

A gorilla eating berries

Bob Campbell's Photographs of Dian Fossey's Karisoke Research Center, 1968 – 1972

An exhibit of Bob Campbell's original slides. The photographs feature Dian Fossey, the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, neighboring peoples, and mountain gorillas.

Albert Einstein looking down

Science is the Religion of Our Time: Einstein in Japan

An exhibition of materials related to Albert Einstein's 1922 trip to Japan.

Individuals standing over a table with papers and documents

El Mundo

The tumultuous political history of Puerto Rico between 1936 and 1939 as reported through the newspaper El Mundo. This exhibition is a collaboration between the University of Puerto Rico Libraries, the George A. Smathers Libraries, the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and the Latin American Research Resources Project (LARRP).

A facsimile with an elephant illustration

Beast in the Book

The Beast in the Book: Animals in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Illustrations from the Middle Ages, encourages the viewer to reflect upon the ways in which the illustrators combined high art and imagination along with didactic messages.

A group of laborers at the Panama Canal during its construction

Panama Canal Centennial

One hundred years after the opening of the Panama Canal, the University of Florida celebrates this monumental achievement, reflecting on the Canal's history, analyzing its impact, and honoring those who made it possible.

An illustration of a female figure with a human-like tree figure

When Phantasie Takes Flight: the Art & Imagination of Arthur Rackham

When Phantasie Takes Flight explores the breathtaking artwork of Arthur Rackham and places his work within the broader context of children's illustration.

A German document from December 1930

The Gathering Storm: Jewish Life in Germany and Eastern Europe in the 1930s

Only available online, The Gathering Storm features items produced by or pertaining to European Jewry before WWII, including rare German and Yiddish newspapers, as well as ephemeral publications such as calendars, yearbooks and other communally inspired commemorative works.

A scan of a page with an illustration that represents the first imaginary view of Jerusalem in print

Imagining Jerusalem

An exhibition to coincide with the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, Imagining Jerusalem showcases antique maps, historic photographs and rare books depicting, idealizing and imagining the Holy City of Jerusalem.

A painting by Karl Parboosingh depicting individuals wearing white and carrying baskets with food

About Face: Revisiting Jamaica’s First Exhibition in Europe

About Face which is only available online, celebrates Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence by revisiting the country’s first post-independence exhibition to tour Europe.

A side view of a wood seated Bodhisattva

Korean Art: Collecting Treasures

Jointly presented by the Smathers Libraries and the Harn Museum of Art Collecting Treasures features bronzes, ceramics, furniture, paintings, prints and sculpture from the Harn’s Korean collection. Exhibition highlights include photographs, xrays and video of a 17th century Gilt Wood Bodhisattva as well as rare blue-and-white porcelains and hanging scroll masterpieces by Kim Hongdo, Jang Seung-eop, and Kim Eunho.

An art book by Kyle Holland featuring letterpress printed text on handmade paper


ARTBOUND 2011 features contemporary works by students making books in book arts and/or fine arts programs across the United States. The exhibited works have been selected by renowned book artist, photographer, and an alumnus of the University of Florida, Bea Nettles. Twenty-five handmade artists' books were selected for the exhibition from over 60 submissions.

A book cover that states "The Jews of Nairobi"

A Celebration of Jewish Life and Culture Around the World

Coinciding with the annual Jewish Heritage Month in May 2011, this exhibit highlights items from one of America's foremost Judaica research collections,this exhibit highlights items from the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica, to emphasize and celebrate the great richness and diversity of Jewish culture in various communities throughout the world.

An illustration featuring the story of Moses

30 Years of the Price Library: Treasures from the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the naming of the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica, the exhibition features highlights from the collection.

An illustration from an art book featuring a tiger with human features holding a heart


ARTBOUND features contemporary works by students making books in book arts and/or fine arts programs across the United States.