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Let’s Talk About Sex

Children’s literature illustrates the changing attitudes towards sex education over time. Increased sex education has grown young people’s sexual knowledge, awareness, and autonomy. It has also improved their attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and behaviors while affirming the position of sex education within a larger framework of human rights.

Illustration of person with heart around face

40 years 40 objects The Price Library of Judaica

This exhibition celebrates forty years of the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica at the University of Florida by showcasing forty of its special items. A sample of the many riches within, it includes printed books from the 15th – 20th centuries, unique scrolls, manuscripts, and works of art. As well as periodicals, a map, cookbook, rare children’s book, musical score, and other distinctive items that capture moments of Jewish history in various unexpected ways.

40 years 40 objects The Price Library of Judaica

The Haitian American Dream

The Haitian American Dream examines the events and the forgotten stories of Haitian immigrants in the United States. In so doing, it explains the reasons behind the different waves of Haitian migration, its ongoing impacts, and upheavals.

Flag of Haiti

The Plaza of the Americas a place for…

How many events have taken place on the Plaza of the Americas that have shaped our community? Some have been largely attended and publicized, while others quietly affect our lives. Look back at some of the moments when University of Florida students have used the Plaza as a place to speak out and facilitate social change at UF and beyond.

A large crowd wearing white sitting on the Plaza of the America during a Vietnam War protest in 1972

Black Thursday: UF’s Black Campus Movement

Organized by the UF Black Student Union, 70 students marched into President Stephen O’Connell’s office April 15, 1971. They demanded equal and fair treatment for UF’s Black students and employees. This exhibit honors those Black students who were at the forefront of social and racial justice activism.

Black students prepare to enter Tigert Hall.

John David Ridge: A Life in Costume

John David Ridge (1945 -) has worked as a costume designer, costume maker, and costume supervisor on stage, film, and television. The exhibition takes a look at highlights from his career including work with The Joffrey Ballet, Halston, and Julie Andrews, as well as costume design for the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007).

Watercolor costume sketch of Opera Patron by John David Ridge

Pioneering Bilingualism | Bilingüismo Pionero

In 1963, Miami, Florida’s Spanish-speaking immigrant community was growing. In response, Coral Way Elementary became the first publicly-funded dual language two-way immersion program in the United States.

Students seated at desks in classroom at Coral Way Elementary

Documenting Presence

Photographers have documented thousands of visitors and laborers in the Panama Canal. Their vantage point usually captures the subject and the impressive size and vast landscape of the Canal. Yet these early portraits are a lasting image of an incredible feat.

Arthur Lucchesi and wife at Gatun Lock Construction 1910

Operation Just Cause

In 1989, the United States invaded Panama in an effort to oust and capture General Manuel Noriega. This series of photographs captures the planning and post-operation effects of Operation Just Cause.

Group of US Army men study a map at Tocumen Airport Panama

Photo Reporter: The Martin Harris Collection

From the 1930s – 1960s, Martin Harris recorded Depression-era labor unrest for PM New York, the horrors of World War II for Stars and Stripes and celebrities for Collier’s Magazine, Life Magazine, and The Saturday Evening Post.

Martin Harris with camera

An American Canal in Panama

The Panama Canal and its surroundings were historically the source of tension between the United States and Panama. This exhibit looks at the sources of tension and examines events that led to the transfer of the Canal in 1999.

Panamanian students confront Americans in Panama Canal Zone 1964

Black Educators: Florida’s Secret Social Justice Advocates 1920-1960

Black Educators: Florida’s Secret Social Justice Advocates celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Desegregation at the University of Florida by showcasing the role of Black educators in the 40 years before the Civil Rights Movement.

illustrated portrait of Black graduates

Racism, Representation, and Resistance in Children’s Literature 1800 – 2015

Racism, Representation, and Resistance explores the long history of racism in children’s literature by examining the dehumanization and colonization of people of color, primarily Africans and African Americans. It also explores how self-representational children’s books by African American authors resisted and subverted racist ideologies.

book illustration of white child and Black child sitting next to each other outside

Served in the Zone

An exhibition of food and community identity during the American Era of the Panama Canal Zone. Served in the Zone features photographs, artifacts, and ephemera paired with memories from former Canal Zone residents to illustrate their impact.

Woman shops for canned good at Gatun Comissary with baby in shopping cart

Science is the Religion of Our Time

In celebration of the centenary of the Theory of Relativity, this exhibition features a special collection of materials held in the George A. Smathers Libraries relating to Albert Einstein’s celebrated 1922 tour of Japan.

Posed photograph of Albert Einstein with the Kaizosha Publishing House in Japan